Carmen Favela

@ CEO, Border X Brewing

Carmen Favela is first generation with parents from Sinaloa and Sonora. Was born in San Diego California and grew up in and around Barrio Logan as a child. This connection to Barrio Logan grew in 2015 when she joined the Border X Brewing team as Marketing Director and later as the COO. Coming from a real estate background, she knew what it took to build a powerful brand and has with Border X. Her passion was found in expressing her culture, her memories and the shared culture Latinos share through craft beer and events at the brewery. One of her innovations included creating Mujeres Brew Club, which was focused on craft beer education and building a supportive network of women. That was wildly successful and grew during the pandemic into acquiring a turnkey brewery in Barrio Logan and dedicating to women!  Mujeres Brew House has since grown tremendously into a real-world example of what women can do when given the space to explore their own palate, their own passions, and their own recipes. Appearing in many magazines, newspapers, and interviews, she advocates for women in business, encouraging them to go for it! Si se puede!