Enrique Chiu


Doctor Honoris Causa, with a degree in Marketing and in Design and Audiovisual Arts from the universities of Long Beach and Santa Ana, California. His pictorial work has been exhibited in galleries in Mexico, USA. Europe, Middle East and South America. His work is permanently exhibited in museums in the United States, Spain, Germany, Guatemala and Mexico. Creator of the Brotherhood Mural on the USA/MX border wall. Being the largest social and cultural movement in northern Mexico. Ambassador of Paz Marsanto, Contender for the Guinness World Records Book for the largest mural in the world in 2018. Ambassador of Culturally Responsible in Mexico, Recognized by the JCI (Junior Chamber International) within the 10 most outstanding young people in the world TOYP 2019 in Estonia. Artist of the Walk of Fame in Tijuana. Named by Global Quality Awards “Inspiring Leader of the 21st Century”, TEDx Speaker 2019 Tijuana. Award “Mexico in your hands” in the Chamber of Deputies and “Presea Ray Tico” in the Chamber of Senators of CDMX., 3rd. Mexican recognized by JCI International / United Nations Organization, Named “Man of the Year” by the International Honoris Causa Foundation in CDMX, Director of the International Festival “El Principito”, Producer of Documentary “A World without Walls”. Director of the national program “Proyecta Cultura Mx”. President International Foundation EC for a childhood with a future A.C. , Ambassador and spokesperson for the Civil Association Agenda Cero A.C. , Official Spokesperson of the National Campaign “It’s not Cool” of the Communication Council, Voice of the companies. Kybernus Finalist for National Social Leadership. Director of Galleries “Chiu Gallery” Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, Pasadena, California and Tijuana.

Recognized as a figure of the arts in the Latin environment, Enrique Chiu is considered one of the outstanding young artists not only in the border area, but also internationally, he is one of the main promoters of artistic development in communities in southern California, USA and some international locations such as Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Spain and the Middle East.

Academic training:

-Elementary School of Graphic Arts in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

-CSULB University of Long Beach, Bs. Marketing

-CCSA Santa Ana, Calif. Degree in Design and Audiovisual Arts.

-Diploma in Appreciation of the Arts, Conaculta.

-Course on Development of Studies and Didactics of the Arts, Public Policies and Cultural Policies, by Conaculta.

-National Museum Professionalization Course of the National Institute of Fine Arts and the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

-Course of Educational Communication of Museums of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

-Body Paint and special FX course with Limary Millot from SCI effects and FX USA.

-Conaculta Artistic Marketing and Promotion Seminar

-Diploma in Artistic teaching from the UPN.

-Diploma in Pedagogy of the Arts by Arts Magisterium and Conaculta.

Throughout his career he has managed to participate in more than 500 exhibitions

National and international. 298 individual and 387 collective

And more than 80 Cultural Festivals, supporting Mexico and the United States art exhibitions.

  • Coordinator of Museography and Curatorship, Museo Casa de León Trotsky, CDMX
  • Director of Casa del Túnel Art Center, Tijuana. Lower California. Mexico
  • Art Director of the Francisco Silva Romero Croc Jalisco Auditorium. Mexico
  • Director of the International Foundation for a Childhood with a Future A.C. in Baja California
  • NFIA founder. (National Foundation of Independent Artists) USA – Mexico
  • Secretary of the Foundation for Women in Equity A.C. Guadalajara Jalisco. Mexico
  • Art Director of C1D Gallery in the Art District of Long Beach, California, United States,
  • Director of CITIES MAGAZINE.ORG magazine in USA – Mexico. 2004 – 2013
  • Head of Linking CSOs Tijuana Municipal Social Development Directorate. 2013 -2015
  • Coordinator of Galleries IMAC (Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Tijuana) 2009 – 2010
  • CEO Design and Commercial Image C1D National Agency 2001 – 2016