Gracyn Hunt

@ 2022 Grand Prize Winner of the Sister Cities International Young Artists and Authors Showcase ( youth panel on Wednesday)

Ms. Hunt is a 5th generation El Pasoan.  She loves her hometown, which is a hub where three cities — El Paso, TX, Ciudad Juarez, and Las Cruces, NM – connect and unite two distinct regions, while creating one of the world’s largest binational communities.  Ms. Hunt is a junior at Coronado High School where her favorite subjects are english, art history, and photography.  An honor roll student, Ms. Hunt participates in several clubs and was elected to the Executive Committee her Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years. She is also a competitive member of the cross-country team and the track team.  

Recently, Ms. Hunt was accepted into the Sotheby’s Pre-College Summer Institute.  The program is for high schoolers who are curious and passionate about the arts to immerse themselves in one of the most vibrant art capitals in the world — New York City.  During her time with the program, Ms. Hunt was introduced to the intricacies of running galleries and the unique insight into how art is conceptualized, created, and traded in the global art industry.  Her coursework was based on the industry experts of Sotheby’s Institute of Art and she was provided a multidisciplinary and hands-on approach to learning, which encouraged her critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

Additionally, Ms. Hunt is involved with Sister Cities International as a participant in the 2022 Young Artists and Authors Showcase, an international art competition.  This year’s theme, Generation Rescue: Sustainable Water for All, created a stage for young artists to raise awareness about the issue.  Ms. Hunt’s photograph, titled Dry Future, which won the photography competition, introduces how ecosystems are disturbed, cultures are affected, and energy resources are proven to be unsustainable for long-term use across generations. Living in a desert environment along the US/Mexico border inspired Ms. Hunt to highlight how important it is for neighboring countries that share a scarce resource to provide a viable future for all residents of the region. She hopes to continue to bring awareness to important issues through her photography.